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Carolina Handmade Baskets

Last summer, I took my mother to visit her sister-in-law, Barbara. While there, I had the pleasure of meeting her daughter-in-law, who is a very talented and amazing basket weaver. I had mentioned that I enjoyed photographing their little cabin in the pasture many times and she was so delighted, she gave me a tour. That is when I discovered what an amazing basket weaver she is.

The cabin itself, is over a hundred years old. And she has authentically decorated it down to the last detail... from the porcelain hoosier cabinet beside the old wood burning cook stove to the handmade baskets that line the steps to the upstairs. This all served to make my artist soul sing with delight.

It was such an amazing gift and today I wanted to share that gift with you.
We never know what a visit will bring and sometimes it's all about opening ourselves up to the possibilities of pleasant surprises.