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Granddaddy's Tobacco Barn

This is just one of my Granddaddy Norwood's tobacco barns. The family farm is now in the hands of a couple mighty fine gentlemen who have done their best to restore the house and put the outbuildings back into good shape. The barns need a little work but the guys have put forth a valiant effort to save them.
I was too young to help my granddaddy with tobacco but I do remember playing around the barns and the sweet smell of tobacco curing mixed with wood smoke.

I love these old barns and am grateful that I grew up in a tobacco growing community. Yes, smoking tobacco is bad for us. And, the memories I have with my family and this wonderful community of tobacco growers are memories I will cherish for the rest of my life. After all, when I was growing up in North Carolina, tobacco was king and everybody grew it... it was our life.